Integrity and win-win

We are very concerned about the common growth and long-term development with suppliers

Company profile

Shenzhen Xincheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It has been committed to deep cultivating air purification, auto parts, car lights, balance bikes and other categories, and exerts its efforts in home and outdoor, hardware tools, 3C consumer electronics, mainly through Amazon /eBay/AliExpress/Lazada/Shopee/Wish/Independent stations and other third-party cross-border platforms and self-operated websites sell products worldwide. Since its establishment, the company has maintained a good cooperation and win-win relationship with suppliers, and has been well received by suppliers and peers.

Recruiting merchandise

Environmental electronics

1. 5 years or more of industry production experience is required;

2. Complete production management, independent R&D team, need a high degree of cooperation, can jointly optimize and output new products;

3. Have a complete quality system and risk control mechanism;

4. There is a complete certification system for overseas markets;

5. Have experience in cross-border e-commerce cooperation.

Auto parts

1. There is a professional and complete R&D team, and a complete new product R&D process; the product is positioned as a best-selling model in overseas markets such as Europe, America, and Australia;

2. Support the production capacity of quickly taking samples and opening molds; to ensure the stability of the delivery of new and old products;

3. There are complete product process requirements and related reliability loading experiments, test reports and shipment quality control plans;

4. Have a certain in-depth knowledge of the product, and be able to provide good pre-sales and after-sales service support;

5. The company's operating financial status is good, no financial litigation disputes, long-term cooperation with the same industry or large companies;

Car headlights

1. Have independent design and research capabilities and can cooperate with us to develop private models;

2. There are complete quality inspection procedures and standards;

3. Have a complete certification system and be able to do related certifications according to our needs;

4. Ensure that new and old products can be delivered as scheduled;

5. It can cooperate with us in handling the pre-sales and after-sales of the products and the optimization and improvement of the products.

Smart travel

1. Have export experience and a complete certification system;

2. Manufacturing enterprises, own factories, can open molds, and have stable production capacity;

3. Have a mature quality management system and flexible delivery capabilities;

4. There is a mature upstream supporting supply chain;

5. Possess independent research and development capabilities, and have a certain ability to predict the direction of the industry;

6. High degree of coordination.


1. Have a certain analytical ability on the development trend of the industry;

2. The industry has been deeply cultivated for more than 5 years, and has the ability to research and develop on its own;

3. Have a complete quality system;

4. Able to cooperate to optimize the production cycle;

5. The factory reaches a medium scale or above.


1. Regularly optimize and update existing products;

2. Perfect production management and standardized quality inspection process;

3. Have a high sensitivity to the market, and can continuously output new products and new functional IDs;

4. A high degree of cooperation is required to jointly optimize and output new products;

5. The certification system is sound.


1. More than 8 years of industry production experience is required;

2. The production process is strictly controlled;

3. Have a complete production management system and risk control;

4. Able to actively cooperate with mobile production and delivery;

5. Have experience in cooperating with cross-border e-commerce.


1. It is necessary to have a strong ability to control the quality of the product and the production process;

2. Have a deep understanding of market demand and a clear product positioning;

3. High coordination is required to optimize and adjust the product, and have the ability to quickly realize a model;

4. The structure and design of the product can match the requirements of overseas sales.


1. Have a complete certification system for overseas markets;

2. There is a clearer classification of product positioning and audience;

3. Ability to obtain authorization for some animation IDs, and mechanisms for dealing with related patent risks;

4. The production process of the product is strictly controlled, and the ID of the new product can eliminate security risks;

5. There is no restriction on order combination purchases.

Investment process

Our promise

We are very concerned about the common growth and long-term development with our suppliers.
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