Company profile

Shenzhen Xincheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is a cross-border e-commerce company with its own brand product operation as the core. The main products are home and outdoor, auto parts, balance cars, 3C consumer electronics and other products. The products are mainly sold to the world through third-party cross-border platforms such as Amazon /eBay/ AliExpress /Lazada/Shopee/Wish/ independent websites.

Company always adhere to its own brand products operating as the core, through continuously improve IT system chose digital product development, supply chain management, quality control, warehousing logistics and operation and so on each link efficiently together, for the global customers with innovative, quality stable and reliable products and reassure consumers satisfied with the service.

The core team of the company is composed of a group of young, efficient and energetic young people. The founder team is all from well-known multinational companies in China. The core members have many years of cross-border e-commerce operation experience, and are committed to building the company into a first-class cross-border e-commerce company in China.

We are committed to creating a comfortable and relaxed working environment for all employees and providing a broad platform for career development.

Our Mission

Let China's smart manufacturing go to the world and improve the quality of human life

Xincheng is committed to bringing more products that reflect the wisdom of the Chinese people out of China and to the world,
so that the people of the world can feel the charm of China's intelligent manufacturing and the improvement of their quality of life.

Our Vision

Become the most respected cross-border e-commerce company

Xincheng ist bestrebt, ein gewissenhaftes Unternehmen zu werden, das von Kunden, Mitarbeitern, Lieferanten, der Industrie
und der Gesellschaft respektiert wird.

Core Value

Based on strugglers

Strugglers are the foundation of the company, so that fighters can be rewarded and provide more opportunities for fighters, including but not limited to promotion, training, etc. (What is a struggler: a person who constantly strives to challenge high goals).

Open and inclusive

Willing to accept new ideas and new ideas, at the same time tolerant of different ideas and practices, willing to accept people and things better than themselves.

Objective and pragmatic

Speak with objective facts/data, not subjective assumptions.


Collaboration, sharing, personal interests subordinate to team interests.

Pursue excellence

Uneasy about the status quo, have the courage to break through yourself, dare to attack fortifications, and challenge the limit.

Company profile

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Development history













Deeply cultivate and strengthen its own brand R&D center

Transition from cross-border e-commerce to technological innovation company

Fully introduce professional, systematic and standardized management concepts

Strengthen the support of the organizational talent system to the enterprise

Multi-platform subsidiary established

Firmly build its own brand

Focus on the research and development of household products

Relocation of the company office to Bantian Donghaiwang Building

The company began to achieve large-scale multi-platform operations

eBay platform continues to grow

Amazon platform product positioning is clear

Rapid growth in performance

eBay account shortlisted in industry TOP100

AliExpress won the title of Gold and Silver Seller

Register and operate outdoor sports brands, automotive lighting brands, and automotive electronics brands

The second financial channel of the central government reports on the export situation of our company's balance scooter

Become an excellent eBay seller, register and operate a branded balance scooter

Became a director of Guangdong Electric Vehicle Industry Association

Become the top ten balance bike brand on Amazon

The company moves to a new location

eBay and Amazon divisions established

Become a big seller in the AliExpress tablet industry

Register and operate branded tablets

Shenzhen company Shenzhen Xincheng Zhanye Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established

AliExpress division established

Hong Kong company Double King Industry was formally established

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