Talent concept

People-oriented, cherish talents, continue to empower

Company benefits


Six insurances and one housing fund

Enjoy (five insurances and one housing fund + accidental injury insurance) upon entry, providing employees with multiple protections;

Career development

Perfect promotion system, clear expert and management dual-channel promotion model

Talent training

Professional system management training, induction training, one-on-one gangs, encourage employees to improve their professional skills and provide subsidies

Evaluation incentives

Carry out monthly employee incentives (cash red envelopes) every month, and issue year-end bonuses at the end of the year based on the company's performance.

Holiday benefits

Enjoy national statutory holidays and holiday gifts; enjoy 5 days of annual leave after one year of employment;

Staff activities

Carry out annual tourism every year, organize employee birthday parties every month, and organize afternoon tea, badminton and basketball activities every week;

Team dinner

Each team has activity funds every month, which is used for team building dinners or play;

Marriage allowance

The company distributes marriage/birth gifts to employees who are married/birth

  • Career development
  • Talent training
  • Staff activities
  • Employee benefits


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