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Participate in early commentators are not qualified? These techniques must be Ge

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Amazon early commentators plan on the line, causing the seller's hot. New products, good quality, complete the brand record of the small partners have been running to the background experience activities, and some sellers looked at the rules, touch the thick wallet and their own no confidence in the product, that this matter has nothing to do with me. Evaluation can help sellers to obtain real and effective comments, but the measurement community has a lot of pit, how to avoid?


Senior seller edmond english bad, but it does not affect her and the examiner. She has a set of their own evaluation program, so far, she and my friends on the low customer unit price (20-30 dollars) and high passenger unit price (100 US dollars) to do the product evaluation, never been fooled, and always from the evaluation The teacher got good feedback. See more sellers on the tutor Tucao, edmond decided to share their own trick - Redman chat assessment standards. PS: speed and security can not be two, their own test of this way to be slightly slower.

First of all, in the process of communication with the network of red mail, the first knock on the door is very important, taking into account the English level is generally good friends in English in accordance with my own meaning on behalf of the pen, while adding a can grasp the other eye products related pictures , And then with the attractive e-mail theme on the basic can.
After the first e-mail through the back of the mail communication can be casually some. The overall operation of ideas, completely in a cooperative attitude from the user point of view, like a friend to communicate, the key is to evoke each other's interest.
Next is the detailed communication steps of the evaluation:
1, in the Amazon front-end search product core words;
2, a detailed view of the picture, including the main map and a few auxiliary map, view listing information, title, bulletpoint, description and so on;
3, see the examiner before there have been similar products, such as asked, "What do you think of this picture," "how to write this listing," can listen to the user feedback their products have no problem, understand the user Psychological, you can also examine the degree of patience, professional degree;
4, continue to communicate. For example: If you want to buy this product but do not know where to buy, then how do you solve? Is it in amazon, google or forum search? If it is amazon search, you will search what words, if it is the forum you go to what forum to see it? These questions collect information for future operations and test patient patience again;
5, ask each other whether there is Facebook, YouTube social account, inform the other in the Amazon on the evaluation, hope with pictures and video, leaving the real user experience at the same time also detailed product features to help more demand for the product user;
6, tell each other, please stay in the product listing page about 2-3 minutes, read all the contents of listing;
7, please the other side of the listing to join the wish list, and screenshots to us to see;
8, buy. You can choose to PP in advance to each other, you can also pay after the payment to the other side;
9, and the surveyor to communicate: If you use very good, welcome to recommend to your friends around.
With edmond's words, the above process with the effect is not bad, of course, some of these links can be done as appropriate. Another good news is that the examiner may not be so "expensive", she contacted the tens of millions of tens of millions of broadcasts of the big V, cooperation does not require other costs, just send the product only.