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How to do drainage Facebook on the 17 industry conversion rate is so high

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The first quarter of this year, Facebook monthly active users more than 1.94 billion people. In the previous 18 months, Facebook advertisers increased more than doubled; last year, an average of 40% of the station outside the drainage from Facebook, many cross-border partners also choose to drain from this station.


If you are one of them, if you do not know their advertising costs are high or low, do not know how their performance conversion, to see the level of the industry, after all, have the level of comparison.
Look at the 17 industries involved in this article: clothing, automotive, B2B, beauty, customer service, education, employment and vocational training, finance and insurance, fitness, home decoration, health care, industrial services, law, real estate, Technology, travel and hotel.
FacebookAd click rate

In the search engine results page, the legal advertisers may have a headache click rate is not high, but on Facebook, the industry's advertising click rate is the highest, up to 1.61%.
Followed by retail, click rate of 1.59%, the third is clothing, click-through rate of 1.16%, and then the fitness industry, click-through rate of 1.01%. Think about it, most of these industries have models endorsement, advertising on the picture quality is high, and Facebook is a highly visual platform, high click rate is not surprising. Therefore, the seller in the production of advertising, it should be treated as a work of art, pictures, titles and content should be excellence, eye-catching.
Employment and vocational training ads on Facebook is the lowest click rate, only 0.47%. How to say, Facebook tends to entertainment, not looking for a job platform, for employment and vocational training ads, LinkedIn may be a better choice.
FacebookThe cost per click of the ad

The highest cost per click of Facebook ads is financial and insurance, users click once, advertisers will pay $ 3.77. But compared with Google ads, this is still low, because in Google keyword advertising, the most expensive keyword is insurance, loans and mortgages, pay $ 50 per click.
The cost per click is the cheapest cost, $ 0.45 for a click, followed by travel and hotels, costing $ 0.63 per click, and retail business, costing $ 0.70 per click. It is because the goals of these industries are high, although the cost per click is low, but the number of people clicked on, the total cost is not low. So the seller must manage their own budget, do not fold this child.
FacebookThe conversion rate of the ad

Unexpectedly, fitness advertising on Facebook turned out to be the highest conversion rate, up to 14.29%. The conversion rate is 13.58%, the conversion rate of employment and vocational training is 11.73%, the conversion rate of health care is 11.00%, the conversion rate of real estate is 10.68%, the conversion rate of B2B is 10.63% The
However, the conversion rate of retail, tourism and hotel and technology advertising is not so high, respectively, 3.26%, 2.82% and 2.31%. For these advertisers, running remarketing ads on Facebook is a good choice and can increase conversion rates to a large extent.
The so-called remarketing is for users who visited your page to promote. Since they have browsed your product, they are definitely interested in buying, advertising specifically for them, and the conversion rate is certainly higher than the first publicity.
FacebookThe cost of advertising by cost

The average cost of all pay-per-view Facebook ads is $ 18.68, while educators in the education industry think that serving young people on Facebook is a wise choice, with pay-as-you're the lowest in all industries, at $ 7.85.
However, the car, home decoration and technology industry advertisers laughed out, according to the effect of paying costs were $ 43.84, $ 44.66 and $ 55.21. However, these industries have a higher customer life cycle value, the long term or worth it.
If your Facebook advertising costs higher than the industry average too much, you can consider the adjustment; if your conversion rate is much lower than the average level of the same industry, but also to find the reasons.
Finally, Xiao Bian to mention that the social platform or social-oriented, on Facebook, people prefer to read entertainment, life, politics and local news, so we recommend that everyone rich personal files, nothing to update the dynamic, the establishment of fans, More and interact with them.