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EBay Account Manager Big broke the news: how to enter the enterprise into the ch

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In 2016, eBay launched a business channel for Chinese cross-border electrician sellers, which could help eligible Chinese sellers in the Greater China region to obtain the appropriate amount and other ancillary services at the beginning of their account creation to help firms reduce their learning costs. Take the market, as soon as possible in the eBay firm foothold. Enterprise depth of access to the channel, all in this article ~



First, the business certification will give the seller account a higher sales amount; Second, eBay will carry out a lot of activities, the seller can register online or even concerned about the latest activities; third, the seller has designated customer manager support. Now the atmosphere is very strong electricity, electricity business platform is the same, not only eBay, there are some other foreign or domestic some business platform. Where is eBay and their difference? Do electricity business there is a traditional old saying that electricity is the product logistics and services, the service is to distinguish you from the difference between you and other sellers, eBay's customer manager's service is different from the difference between eBay platform and other platforms.




What are the advantages of an enterprise?

First point, higher sales amount. Register an account Whether to do any certification or business certification has five salesable amount, what does this mean? That is, a month to sell the number of goods only 5, if you sell to the future, assuming that you sold on the 1st, to 30 before the amount does not increase can only sell 5.



Through the certification of the seller, one will give up a lot of sales, this is a lot of how much? Basically in the 1000-3000, according to the qualifications of you, the audit department to give a quota, the amount is basically every month at least 3 times more than doubled. Make a simple arithmetic, if you are five to make an application, after you three months after the amount of more than a hundred. But if you are a starting thousands of the amount of three months after the million is also very easy state, there are many senior sellers know the number of accounts, of course, want to have a higher amount.
EBay to a lot of support, whether it is customer manager support, or the company to the amount of the account or even training sessions, are free.




Get the amount, then?

If you meet the requirements, to apply for the enterprise qualification, but also apply for so many lines, I use these lines can do next?
With so much of the amount of 9 months after the support period, is basically divided into three stages: three months before the accumulation period and the middle of the growth, including the late sprint.



This is a real seller, early, his number is not particularly obvious, but that business account support will be given than the business account does not have a higher starting point, the late this gap came out. If the seller feel that they are qualified, as long as the material in sufficient circumstances, eBay audit team will be 7 working days to review, support period is through, from the sale of goods began 270 days.




What can the account manager do?


First of all, the most basic can help sellers solve the problem. Auction a price in the end how to set up or how to set up the auction, the most basic problems will be training, online and offline, you can learn their own. Some questions such as this product is not suitable for overseas storage, if the overseas warehouse which logistics for me more reference for me, or when I ship, how many of my first shipment of SKU, how much pricing, including When the hair will be better, then the views of the customer manager will give reference to the hands of other sellers experience or years of management experience, given more professional advice.
Second, the timely conduct of account analysis and operation. Mentioned above the amount of each month can be tripled, or can be sold to a certain amount of the application sub-account, etc. are built on a big premise, the account performance is better, what is the account performance? EBay has a lot of data support, the department to help you pull the data, will promptly pay attention to the seller's account, in the account before the real problem to give a reminder or better solution analysis.
Third, the platform to explain the policy update, if done eBay or do not do the number of eBay will listen to our seller's standard is the policy update, each spring and autumn, we will carefully study the analysis.



What can the support period do?

9 months we have kept this time in mind.
What does it mean for nine months? The number of transactions you have occurred in the first day of 270 days. Why should this come out? If you suddenly rise, register your account tonight, the material tomorrow to do a good job, the next week account down, and then boarded five products, the end of the month there is sales records, and then finished over, I have not thought good, There is no operating team, the publication is not particularly do or shop which site is not good, this time you are wasting your business brought about 9 months time.
Think about my product first whether it is and do it on eBay, you have to look at your product on eBay's sales situation, whether your competitor's price is the price you can afford, you want to put your cost Plus the logistics costs of logistics business plus your profits, including the cost of the platform deducted. Your product is not suitable for doing retail on eBay, your team, the logistics program to do it, set the target yet? We have to solve these, and then apply for an account, enjoy the support period, and then develop a plan.
Although we are so slowly not in a hurry, we can next year, but next year will miss the second half of the season, in short, there is time, but hope to seize.




Support the development of the account?

 9 months after your sales done particularly well, you can join our big sellers team, and even a super seller team.



Ordinary sellers In fact, this category has been considered not very good, that is to say that it will basically be a personal seller in the form of doing this, because the early 9 months, you should be familiar with things are already familiar with the clear , The next is their own good study at home, do it well
There is also a category to recover all the support projects. For example, do a few months ago, do not want to do the back, this account will be recovered.



How to apply?



Submitted to apply for review, audit does not pass the rejection of the application, the audit passed to become a corporate account, all the applications are like this. 




Account application is the main material collection, online application, the material version will be slightly changed, the account application is completed, the material collection as long as the three points to remember the law will not be a problem.



The first to the business version of the latest business license, the identity of the second legal person, the third need to prove the public bills.