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Open for Business second bomb | how to dispute in the customer "rebirth"

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Everything in the case of customer service is happy, but only in the face of the problem of the transaction, "pick prick children" customers, and even customer service disputes, customer service as a response mechanism can be effectively tested and follow-up Improve. Today's sellers share a kind of "rebirth" feeling, they are all "screwed up" in the case of solved, open the situation, getting better ~


"The customer is always right" is regarded as the business world of the standard, or at least the main business customers to guide the principle of customer service. Today we are faced with a new business environment - high-tech, instant feedback, on demand (on-demand), the past effective customer service ideas and methods face many challenges. If you are a cross-border electrician seller, how to build confidence with the infrequent buyers? How can not face to face in the case of exchange for customers to answer questions, solve the problem? Yes, you are difficult to like the same in the physical stores, 90 degrees to the customer bow, sincerely say "sorry", then how to convey your apology?


Everything in the case of customer service is happy, but only in the face of the problem of the transaction, "pick prick children" customers, and even customer service disputes, customer service as a response mechanism can be effectively tested and follow-up Improve. Today's seller story a kind of "rebirth" feeling, they are all "messed up" in the case of solved, open the situation, getting better and better -


From a dog complaint

Laura Raposa's small bakery Foodsmith is famous for its sandwiches and is well received and appreciated. However, the bakery received an indignation of customer complaints, the complainant is actually a dog! The dog is called Gary, and its owner has given it a sandwich at Foodsmith, after which he claims that the meat is too small and Gary does not like it very much. "This is not a sandwich at all, but an empty shell laced with shame."


Laura dumbfounding, that the customer is simply a strange, but still sent some snacks to thank the feedback. Laura prints out the letter of complaint, and the staff jokes from time to time: "Do not give anybody a sandwich laced with shame". "I hate that 'customers are always right'," Laura said. "Yes, the client is always right, even if they are wrong, you have to say they are right."
In the Internet age, no one knows that you are a dog; and in the era of diverse customer needs, you may be a dog and a complaint. The latter sounds funny, but the customer in the actual transaction process has any bad experience, and ultimately will affect the seller. Customer service means that to lay down the pride, it means to always be ready to please the customer's preparation, to do any things that make them happy in the transaction. Sometimes the only way to make people happy is to admit that they are right.

Laura Raposa



Almost the defendant 's mail fraud

Dyestuff Karida Collins is both a boss and an employee - she dyed herself in her own kitchen, sold online, and sold the goods to her customers. In order to expand the business and the need for funds, she took the 80 users of the order, all the work or by her a person to do, which exceeds her load, and some orders can not be completed on time.
Pressure of the mountain Karida in the first time did not communicate with customers, but chose to escape. I do not know the situation of customers and peers began in the industry website Ravelry talk about this matter, not only to Karida shop bad feedback, but also write embarrassing message. In the Internet world, this is undoubtedly cast a nuclear bomb, the situation is like snowballing getting worse, and even customers began to jointly call other people to the US Postal Secretary, told her e-mail fraud.
As the craft and business for their children Karida very desperate, and finally come forward to solve the problem. She sends a letter of apology to every customer and publicly apologizes in Ravelry's bulletin board, and writes and writes to those who are particularly angry. "I have not only apologized for what I have done, but also for what I have not done, but when I declare to the world that I was really messed up, I am relieved," Karida said.
In order not to repeat the same mistakes, Karida began to seriously examine the transaction process and time node, such as when to accept the seller's payment, when the delivery, and a tracking of the progress of the logistics order number is a good way to ease the seller anxiety. And from this event Karida learn the most important lesson is not to do more than their ability to promise, if possible, do better than the promise, "If you say two weeks of arrival, then more than a week Customers will be very happy to receive; if you say a week arrival, customers get more than a week to get them angry.
After the reputations, Karida's business grew better and better, the customer who had told her to cheat or her clients, and once Karida worked 14 hours a day for a big event, the customer sent her hand-made jams.


Karida Collins



All the way north, through most of the United States to change

Tony Brocato and his brother from Sheffield, Alabama took over the family business from his father Frederickson's, selling tires and home appliances. In 2002, Tony saw the retail industry began to turn to the Internet, decided to follow the trend, selling things online. From small appliances, to large appliances, and then to the local demand for expensive home appliances, Tony has been proud of the community shop customer service model continue to encounter challenges, he must solve the long-distance transport and installation of large household appliances, interstate Problems, etc., and these at the beginning of his involvement in the shop did not carefully considered.
The story of a New York state customer is worth sharing. The customer buys a $ 9,000 hood for the new home and is unable to run after he installed, and he made a phone call to Tony. People have long been accustomed to large retailers after-sales service, but whether it is sent to check the maintenance, or return, are costly. Eventually responsible for the transport of the younger brother and Tony decided to personally give customers a replacement. So Tony's brother drove the truck, filled with a new hood, and brought the staff from Alabama in the southern United States to New York in the north. After 15 hours, more than 1,000 miles after the car, to see their customers simply can not believe their eyes!
Some transactions are not to make money, but to solve the problem; in the long run, the problem is more important, because it is conducive to future business. The greatest risk of a high return is not money, but customer satisfaction. Tony said: "Although we can not please everyone, but we really try to do this thing. There are too many people selling things online, and if we do better than the average level, our business will be much better . "In 1946, Frederickson's was just a small town's small store, serving all the surrounding community residents; now, its customers from the United States, and have dedicated staff responsible for online business. Tony and Frederickson's are increasingly handy for e-commerce.


Tony Brocato


Customer service five tricks



Active communication

Everything connected to the Internet age, escape is a costly, but also impossible. When the transaction encountered any problems, in the first time proactively and customers to communicate.


 Manage customer expectations

Do not make unrealistic commitments, and then complete, and really fulfill the promise. If you do better than promised, more, get customer satisfaction will be higher. Another good way is to allow customers to track logistics progress.


Bear any responsibility

The business environment is so complex that it is impossible to predict every situation and can not control everything. As a seller must have a sense of responsibility, to deal with any unexpected situation.


Incorporated into operating costs

Consider customer service as an important cost factor. For example, when developing an annual business plan, the seller can spread the individual high customer service costs that may arise from the past experience to the cost pricing of each transaction.


Focus on long-term effects

In the short term, the establishment or improvement of customer service will cost a considerable amount of money, but in the long run will help shape the brand.

Customer service means to put down their pride, to maintain a humble heart, we can not exhaust all the tricks, perhaps the best way is the easiest way - to be human. In essence, the sale is a kind of behavior between people, when you face a bad situation, think about sitting at the other end of the screen is also a living like you, maybe you will find The right way to solve the ~