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A Trip to Shenzhen Without Plan

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Major notice


Zhengzhou University and Shenzhen, Henan Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Xinyang Chamber of Commerce

Sign a strategic cooperation agreement



On the morning of November 4, Zhengzhou University and Shenzhen Henan Chamber of Commerce, Xinyang Chamber of Commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Executive vice president of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen, president of Shenzhen Xinyang Chamber of Commerce, vice president of Shenzhen Alumni Association of Zhengzhou University, vice president of Zhengzhou University, vice president of alumni Zhang Qianhong attended. Vice President of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Henan Province Li Jianguo, Han Zhenya, Li Chao, Secretary General Wan Jian, President of Shenzhen University Alumni Association Chen Jihui, Chairman of the Board of Directors Jia Haixia, Secretary General Deng Kunpeng, Alumni Medical Association President Liu Qijiang, School Students Career Guidance Director of the Service Center Lu Hongxian, Director of the Foreign Liaison Office (Alumni Association Office), Secretary General of the Alumni Association Zhang Shuxiang, Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary General Niu Najun attended the signing ceremony.



Signing the scene

Vice President Zhang Qianhong made a speech. She pointed out that Zhengzhou University and Henan Chamber of Commerce in Henan Province to establish strategic cooperation to explore the employment of college students as the theme of the new mode of cooperation is the school "around the needs of education, service enterprises to promote employment," a bold attempt to deepen the combination of production and research an important way The

Signed with Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Henan Province


She said that Henan is located in the Central Plains, Henan Province is the three major national development strategy and Zheng Lao new free trade area of the main position, is the economic development from the eastern coastal developed areas to the central and western transfer to undertake. Zhengzhou University is 211 colleges and universities in Henan Province, brought together a large number of outstanding students, cultivate innovative talents, social and economic development is the school's responsibility and responsibility.


Signed with Shenzhen Xinyang Chamber of Commerce


Schools play a talent training and social service functions at the same time, also found the graduates of the professional and social needs of the gap between how to sort out schools and enterprises, knowledge and ability, training and employment between the logical relationship, Effective in adapting to the development needs of both sides, personnel training, human resources development, technical services, scientific research achievements, such as all-round integration of links, is the trip to Shenzhen, an important purpose.


Vice President Zhang Qianhong


She hopes to build a platform through the Alumni Association, Shenzhen City, Henan Chamber of Commerce to expand the work of outstanding enterprises docking in the promotion of personnel training and scientific research joint research play an active role.



Liu Guomin president said in his speech, he is a graduate of Zhengzhou University, always love his alma mater. He said he would do his best for his alma mater and member companies to build a platform between the promotion of alma mater training and school-based scientific research joint research work continued.


Speech by President Liu Guimin


At the meeting, Zhang Shuxiang, director of the external contact office, affirmed and appreciated the work of Zhengzhou University Shenzhen Alumni Association. The employment of students to guide the service center Road Red Director and the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Henan Province on the idea of the cooperation and details, respectively, in the top of the internship, training, classroom into the enterprise-style teaching, order-style training recruitment model and Enterprise research project student team recruitment and other content in-depth exchanges.


    meeting venue


Subsequently, Vice President Zhang Qianhong and President Liu Guomin jointly signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" between Zhengzhou University and Shenzhen Henan Chamber of Commerce, Zhengzhou University and Shenzhen Xinyang Chamber of Commerce "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement". Vice President Zhang Qianhong also visited the Shenzhen Shensaier Co., Ltd., river construction, Fidelity Exhibition industry and other outstanding enterprises.

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