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SZ Double King--Mr. Wangzhi:My transformation for Cross-border Electronic Commer

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Mr. Wang Zhi, founder of Shenzhen Fidelity Exhibition Industry, shared his overseas business operations and described his career from graduation to business, from traditional foreign trade to The Road to Successful Transformation of Cross - border Electric Merchants. It is reported that the company's own brand iscooter balance car long-term in the top of eBay, Amazon and quick sell。


As a veteran of the cross-border electric helmsman, Wang Zhi for cross-border electricity business status, operation and management structure, mode of operation, options, product management, have a profound and unique insights.



The company was founded in 2010, three years after the traditional foreign trade transformation



Shenzhen City Fidelity Exhibition Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, the first three years has been doing traditional foreign trade B2B;
Dongguan, the beginning of the transition to do cross-border electricity business; 2015 annual eBay excellent sellers, there are ebay, Amazon, speed sell Taiwan and other platforms; currently own own brand products, including iscooter balance car, insincer car lights, isingo outdoor supplies.





My cross history



Graduated in 2006 to Shenzhen, to explore a few years later in 2010 founded in Shenzhen City Fidelity Exhibition Technology Co., Ltd., mainly to foreign trade B2B; established in 2012 to sell through the team, but still do foreign trade B2B; until 2014 to set up ebay And the Amazon team, only a comprehensive transition to do cross-border electricity business B2C; cross-border electricity sales in 2015 over billions of dollars.


Review of previous years



1, 14 - 15 annual sales through the forefront of the flat panel industry, has jointly launched the official sales activities to do a single day sales of more than 400,000 US dollars, creating a speed through the flat panel industry at the time of single - day sales record.
2, its own brand iscooter balance car in ebay UK and Australia long-term sales charts. And with the ebay marketing department jointly carried out several marketing activities, so that the brand's popularity quickly expanded.
3, June 2015, China Central Television two sets of financial channels on the Division I balance car exports were reported.




I know the status of cross-border electricity industry



1.ebay giant pattern has been formed
Often go to eBay's annual meeting when the first few are always so few, basically the annual sales are already more than 2 billion level. Of course, you say we small and medium sellers in eBay there is no chance, you I think it is still some. Vertical category is still a lot of opportunities, after all, ebay on the Chinese seller's support is still relatively large.
2. There are plenty of opportunities for Amazon and the new platform
Amazon is very fire in recent years, speed sell through the full transformation. Southeast Asia and South America, a few small platform development momentum is also very fierce.



Options: electronic products or non-electronic products?



Shenzhen, many sellers are starting from the sale of electronic products. After all, the door guarding Huaqiang North Well. But the past few years I see the trend is more and more sellers began to choose non-electronic products to operate. After all, the sale of electronic products is still relatively difficult to solve the problem, and competition is also more intense. In recent years, home and outdoor leisure products more and more popular. Such as the recent very hot fingertips gyro.


Local suppliers or suppliers outside the province?



At the beginning of the cross-border when most people will choose to find a local supplier, from the near, good communication. In recent years, with the proportion of network mining is getting higher and higher, the proportion of foreign suppliers has been increasing. But really want to operate a class of products just rely on net mining is certainly not work. This is why the past few years more and more companies choose to Yiwu, Yongkang and other places to open offices.




Mode of operation: Distribution route or boutique line?



Distribution for the local warehouse delivery, cash flow fast, good operation can bring positive cash flow for the company. Boutique line will be linked with the overseas warehouse operations, overseas warehouses for the rich people, fine operations, rapid increase in sales, improve gross margin, the current large number of listed companies to do overseas warehouses.


Pursuit of cash flow Or profit?

Wang Zhi in this special emphasis on the "cash is king" ideas: get through the supply chain, optimize the logistics channels, strictly control the flow of funds, as far as possible the pursuit of positive cash flow. It also pointed out that cross-border electricity business enterprises to a certain stage, cash flow will become very important. In their own core products as much as possible so that the supply chain to provide more support. The money saved can be used to pursue fast, high-margin products. So that it is easier to maintain the company's financial health.

Product management software and aftermarket


Finally, Wang also introduced a simple, efficient and safe product management software, and after-sales service localization of the relevant experience.