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We win “The most investment value items”

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In the face of pressure and challenges, a number of foreign trade enterprises to take the initiative to enhance innovation, reform of production methods, build a new business model.

Transformation Enterprises Explain New Models of Foreign Trade

Logistics and supply chain has always been one of the important links of foreign trade, supply chain management, overseas warehouse selection, how to enhance the user experience through logistics services is particularly important, the logistics theme forum will invite the Group, the Quartet Group, rookie cross-border logistics From the logistics innovation model, supply chain management to explore and supply chain finance and other aspects of foreign trade enterprises to answer the current logistics problems, while the transformation of enterprises to propose a new model of logistics.

The conference will be held in the form of "Guest Sharing + Project Roadshow", inviting IDG Capital, Nuts Capital, Innovative Investment Group, Pacific Investment, Seven Wolves Venture Capital, CDH Venture Capital, Treasure Capital, Wencuang Huitong, Capital, China Merchants Securities, Hualin Securities, Yinhua Fund, TEDA Manulife Fund, ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, China Fund, China and Australia Gold Control, Horse Racing Capital, Treasure Capital, Fengrui Capital, Taishan Brothers Capital, Hongsheng Capital, Boiling Capital, Beichen Star Capital, Kuafu Capital, Ming Jia Capital and so on dozens of concerned about the field of foreign investment in the field of investment partners on-site commentary road show project to share how to promote foreign trade enterprises through the capital market to maximize the value of the enterprise, the General Assembly will also invite Guoxin Securities, Hualin Securities and other securities companies and listed companies to share how to embark on the "sunshine wealth" of the capital road.