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Company Profile

Company Profile

Shenzhen Double King technology Co., LTD. is a Cross-border Electronic Commercefocus company that focus on operates under its own brand name. Main categories to balance the car, auto parts, home and outdoor products, mainly through the Amazon, eBay, speed sale and other third-party cross-border platform and self-marketing products will be sold worldwide.

The company was established in 2010, always adhere to its own brand of product operations as the core, through continuous improvement of the IT system will be product data development options, supply chain management, quality control, warehousing logistics and operations and other aspects of efficient combination, For the global consumer to provide innovative, stable and reliable quality products and consumers satisfied with the service.

Development Path
  • 2010          Hong Kong company Double King Industry Officially established
  • 2011          Speed sales department established
  • 2012          Shenzhen Double King technology Co., LTD Officially established
  • 2013          Become a quick sell through the Tablet PC industry big sellers,Register and operate kitoch Brand Tablet PC
  • 2014          Ebay And the Amazon department was established
  • 2015          become Ebay Excellence buyers,Register and operate iscooter Brand balance car,Become the Guangdong Province electric car industry                         association director
  • 2015          The company moved the new site
  • 2016          Register and operate  Outdoor sports brand, Headlight brand,Geartronics Automotive electronics brand
  • 2016          The central two sets of financial channels on the Division I balance car exports reported
  • 2017          The company fully expanded

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